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Rail Transport
For more than 20 years, LGM has been working with the leading companies in the rail transport sector.

Key Programs

Acquisition of Rolling Stock
- MF2000 (métro)
- MI09(RER)
- Régiolis (TER)
- Régio2N (TER
 - NAT (Transilien)
- TW03, TW01, TW05, TW06 (Tramways IdF)

Modification and Design of a Rail Transport System
- SAET L1 (Automation of the RATP line 1)
- OPAL1 (installation of Platform Doors on
  RATP line 1)
- Tramway (Orléans, Paris T3, T3E, T5, T6)
- Tram-Train (Evry – Massy)
- OURAGAN, OCTYS Modernization of the
  Signal System on RAPT lines 3, 5, 9, 13)
- ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management
- TGV connection (Internet On Board   
- PMI (Computer-based interlocking system 
  for the RATP)   

  Optimization and investments
- OPTITER (Investment file Package)
- Simulation of logistics flows in 53 
- Analysis tool for TGV Transport plans for
  the Technicenters
- Capacity Analysis of SNCF Maintenance 

Strategy and Projection
- Master Maintenance Plan for the Picardie
  and Alsace regions
- Performance in Industrial Logistics

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