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International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space - Paris Le Bourget - 17 to 23 june 2019

LGM Group will be present at the next International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space (SIAE) taking place from 17 to 23 june 2019 in Paris Le Bourget. Come and meet us on the stand #F122 - hall 2B and in the careers plane hall stand A9.


The group wishes you a happy New Year 2018


September 2017 - Discover our new Training Catalog

The continuing evolution of techniques, practices and know-how constantly forces each manufacturer and contractor to adapt to and anticipate new developments. Continuous training of human resources is the key to success in meeting these challenges.

Equipped with a training facility with training courses in all aspects of management and engineering of major projects, LGM offers inter company training. We also carry out intra-company training sessions to meet the needs of our customers. In this case, we analyse your needs and specifications in detail to offer you an optimized training plan.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific training requirements.

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Juillet 2017 - New companie in USA

LGM engineering Inc, our first American entity, is officially open at the following address:
322 North Shore Drive, Building 1B, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15212, USA.

Pittsburgh is the 1st USA location close to key players of the railway signaling industry, a market with opportunities for business.


The group wishes you a happy New Year 2017


February 2016 - Newsletter eLSA no.3 - A new vision for Engineering Support

This new year marks a turning point for the eLSA tool (which, in passing, saw a small change to its name) in the cooperation with the company Eurostep and its tool Share-a-Space.

We also discuss the extremely important concept applicability to ensure non-duplication of information and implementation of eLSA

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April 2014 - LGM Group opens a subsidiary in India

In 2014, LGM has registered a company in India, located in Bangalore, and deploys the team in charge of its development.

This team is dedicated to engineering services outsourcing for aeronautic, railways and defence industry :
-          Logistic support and maintenance engineering
-          RAMS and safety studies
-          Technical Publication

LGM Engineering India was created to  help our European customers to address defense and civil offset requirements in India. Il will soon be able to address Indian market as well, with its highly specialized expertise.

LGM Engineering India Private Limited
Level 14&15, Concorde Tower, UB City, 1 Vittal Mayllya Road
Bangalore – 560 001


March 2013 – LGM Group opens a subsidiary in Canada

The group LGM, established itself in Montreal Canada, under Quebec registration and was renamed LGM Management & Conseil Inc.

The company will hire and train to its methods and expertise approximately 20 employees from Quebec in the first 24 months and aims for $1,2 M turnover in 3 years. To achieve this the group counts in priority on the growing markets in Canada that are aeronautics and railways.


June 2012 - The group opens a subsidiary in Liège, Belgium

With the recent opening of a subsidiary in Liège, the LGM group pursues its development on the European stage. LGM Belgium’s mission is to respond to the requirements of major space, defence and transport companies. 

June 2012 – Official approval of NATO codification expertise

On June 6, 2012, LGM Grand-Ouest has been granted official approval to act as expert in the field of NATO codification, referenced CO-12-003. This authorization allows LGM to identify/codify supply items that meet the requirements of the armed forces. 

March 2012 - Merger with NMJ Services

We are pleased to announce the merger between LGM and the company NMJ Services, located in St Quentin en Yvelines, near Paris.

NMJ is a company of nearly 200 employees, specializing in engineering, production and document management, telecommunications engineering and information systems. This co-operation will allow both companies to benefit from the technical and commercial assets of the other partner as well as further the development of their special services for new clients and above all to provide our customers with even more all-encompassing offers.

The LGM Group now consists of more than 700 employees.


January 2012 – First meeting of the new Working Group of the IMdR-SdF

On 23 February 2012, the first meeting of the new Working Group (WG) of the IMdR-SdF (Institute for Risk Management and Dependability) took place with the objectives Logistics Support, Maintainability and Maintenance. Among the manufacturers which expressed a strong interest in participating in this WG were Alstom Transport, Thalès Communications, EdF, SNCF infra, Snecma, Endel and some freelancers. 

November 2011 - Publication of an article in conjunction with the IRFM

LGM cooperated with the CEA (Institute for Research on Magnetic Confinement Fusion) in a project for ITER (TBM). As part of this mission LGM supported the CEA teams in the method development and configuration management of their project. An article co-authored by CEA and LGM was published in a scientific journal, titled "Configuration Management Approach for the ITER Test Blanket Module".

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February 2011 - Speech at the "Purchasing Convention" of the SGA Ministry of Defence

On February 3, 2011, Eric de Tocqueville, made a speech at the "Purchasing Convention" of the SGA Ministry of Defence with the topic ‘The return of experience from a private company on the performance of service contracts with the Ministry of Defence’. 
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