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The group was created in 1991 and belongs to associate employees to ensure independence to industrial groups and complete impartiality in the missions carried out and the recommendations made.

The LGM group aims to provide its clients, operators and contractors, with a global solution to their high-tech system development needs.

The group is united around the same dynamics, based on a strong synergy between companies, offering a wide range of solutions to their clients. The diverse and complementary expertise enables LGM to offer a wide scope of interventions ranging from turnkey studies to methodological expertise and industrial project management of entire systems.

Group strategy

The group's strategy is to offer its clients a comprehensive approach to the management and design of systems related to high-tech industrial projects.

In order to respond both to the technical and organizational complexity of such projects, the group provides complete mastery of niche markets, in wich a European or even worldwide leadership is highlighted,, and a combination of know-hows that enables us to take on complete management of entire projects.

Since 1996, the LGM group has maintained a development policy of controlled expansion.

This expansion is fully self-financed and is the result of:
        ► a quality policy for our clients, who, after "discovering" us, almost
            systematically commit to a medium- and long-term partnership with us, 
        ► a strategy of continuous innovation on the organizational level as the
            technological level. As such, LGM is a research body approved by the Ministry
            of Research. Beside its own research activities, this enables the group to
            offer its clients research services that are eligible for the research tax credit

5-year objectives
To be recognized by our clients as the leading company in all our business activities, 
        ►   €100 m turnover,
        ►   Build an International presence to support our clients, 
        ►   Participate significantly in 10 major international programs
        ►   50 tools/methods capitalizing our know-how, 
        ►   Be a company reputed for its responsible conduct, its integrity and 
               its human resources policy valuing individuals and their potential .

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